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Takahiro Shima

Message from President

Our goal, Company can contribute to human health with pursuing the customer satisfaction.
Quest is manufacturer of Dental materials provide the products which are suited to needs of dental laboratories and clinics.
We desire that all employees will continue to strive and come through with veritable requests of customers and company is able to establish true partnership for coexistence and co-prosperity based on trust and cooperation with customers who are seriously engaged in dental care.

In addition, we own the manufacturing stronghold in Cebu, Philippines.
Our productions are supported with eager local employees who has skills as same as Japanese quality level.
Making use of the hand work technologies we have accumulated over many years and up to date CAD/CAM system.

As company able to contribute to human health, we will promote the providing products that satisfy our customers both domestically and at overseas.
                                                                                                                       27 October 2016
                                                                                                                       President Takahiro Shima


10 years Vision

All employees can talk about "Own Dream" for their glorious future.

Yoshinori Miyachi

 The number of pages is about 70 pages although there are differences depending on the year. A management guidance document is like a compass showing the direction of the company if written easily.
You can understand in what direction the company is headed towards by looking at the guidelines.                                 
Every employee understands and shares that it is not intended to distribute it to all employees, regularly read back and retrospectively, and to create it.

I added a new 10-year vision in the guidance document. The 10-year vision is a concrete description of the company's future image.
Indicates the index every three years and clarifies the contents for achieving the goal. I think that the direction heading, the purpose has become clearer.

Have you ever thought about what will happen after 10 years from the company in which you work? 50 years after 20 years. Even if it is difficult for 50 years, I think whether it is better to do than I can not imagine the image after 10 years. By creating a guidance document again, various "dreams" are also spread by specifying the vision for 10 years again. From now on I would like to aim to create a company where all employees can talk a little more about "dreams" towards the future.
                                                                                                                            Managing Director Yoshinori Miyachi


Corporate Philosophy

Having a awareness of the creation and challenge, Contribute to progress of dental care and human health with creating an affluent life of all employees.


Company Profile

We are manufacturing and selling the dental materials and providing the carefully support to domestic dental distributors, dealers and users in Japan.
Our products are manufactured in-house at our company's own factories that can be greater competitiveness in terms of quality and manufacturing costs.
In addition, aim to establish its position as a global dental materials manufacturer.
Address 157-1 Yokoyama-cho, Handa-city, Aichi-pref, 4750946 Japan
Tel +81-569-27-7017
Business Manufacturing and Selling the Dental Materials (Included Export & Import )
President Takahiro Shima
Started 1957
Established 1974
Capital JPY 70,000,000
Employees 34 Persons (Domestic)


Organization Chart

Organization Chart



Started as "Chita Dental Laboratory". Renamed "Yamaichi Shiken". Transfered to Taketoyo-cho, Began manufacturing artificial teeth.
Became public company "Yamaichi Shiken". Transfered to Yokoyama-cho. Cebu factory "Cebu Yamaichi" began operating.
Found the necessity of overseas production, Established a factory in Cebu, Philippines.
Became a affiliated companies of "Shiken Group".
Composite resin teeth "Hard Pure" is listed under coverage of national health insurance and released.
Renamed "Quest Corporation".
Takahiro Shima was appointed representative director.
Relesed world`s first artificial teeth with retention hole "Hard Pure RH".
Releseed the artificial teeth to world market (May Korea, November China)
Took part of China Guangzhou exhibition with distributor and displayed artificial teeth (March).
Took part of Korean exhibition with distributor and displayed artificial teeth (June).
Philippines factory renamed "QDM, Quest Dental Material".
Relesed artificial teeth with special slit retention hole "Hard Pure RH plus".
Took part of China Guangzhou exhibition with distributor and displayed artificial teeth (March).
Took part of China Guangzhou exhibition with distributor and displayed artificial teeth (March).
Started operation of Tokushima CAD/CAM laboratory (Located in Shiken head office)
Cebu factory expansion.
CAD / CAM related product Wax disc, zirconia disc launched.
Cooperative exhibition of agents and artificial teeth at Taiwan Dental Show (Taipei) (December).
Took part of Chicago Dental Show Midwinter (February).
Established Quest USA.
Become an authorized distributor of CAD / CAM equipment manufactured by Digital Process Corporation.
Took part of Chicago Dental Show Midwinter (February).
Quest USA Full-scale operation (February).
Took part of 36th Myanmar exhibition with distributor and displayed artificial teeth (January).
Took part of Chicago Dental Show Midwinter (February).
Took part of IDS International Dental Show with (March).


Turnover & Sales Prediction


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