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Quest Dental Material Corporation

Manufactured around the artificial teeth of sales main products. It is regarded as the most secure place in Cebu Island. Working within this industrial area is regarded as the status of local people, and we have excellent talent.
Produced artificial teeth are manufactured at low cost, so they are exported to countries other than Japan, especially in East Asia.
Name of Company Quest Dental Material Corporation
Business Manufacturing the Dental Material
Representative Chairman・Hitotaka Takemura
President・Jiro Seo
Started 1997
Capital JPY85,000,000
Employees Employee 350 persons・Japanese 4 persons


Message from Chairman

Hitotaka Takemura

Quest Dental Material Corporation (Quest Dental Material Corporation) operates as an overseas manufacturing factory of Quest products Co., Ltd. in the Philippines and the economic special export district in Cebu, mainly manufacturing artificial teeth and paraffin wax, which will be 20 years this year.
What we cherish is to keep customers from purchasing products with confidence through quests, to ensure that we can select and improve quality, maintain quality of production and maintain production system that can be promptly delivered.
While acquiring and maintaining international standards such as ISO 9001 of production standards and ISO 13485 of medical standards, we aim to improve production system and quality further with local local staff, and we can offer our customers and end users satisfied customers for a long time I aim to aim.
                              QDM Chairman  Hitotaka Takemura


Organization Chart

Organization Chart
Jiro Seo

QDM President
Jiro Seo

As digitization of the dental industry accelerates, factories must also evolve. We aim to shorten the quality, productivity and delivery schedule upgraded not only by introducing a de-analogue, self-developed self-developed machine, introducing various measuring instruments applying the latest system.


Satoshi Shimotoso

Japanese Manager Satoshi Shimotoso

Communication skills are always conscious while transferring new products as manufacturing sites, improving productivity, and developing local staff.
We constantly communicate with the local staff, as well as Japan, and by utilizing the TV conference system, we will make arrangements by stakeholders and work hard to find problems quickly and aim for smooth factory operation.

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